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♥ Friday, November 18, 2011

A New LOVE !!

Waa... OMG OMG OMG ... I finally managed to log in after multiple password tries !! Gosh.. All my sweet memories rotting in here !! Guess I haven update since I got a GF !! Hahahaz.. Wow.. Love can be so busy !!

♥ Angel vs Devil
3:10 AM

♥ Thursday, December 31, 2009

TAIWAN best !!

WHee.... I'm back from Taiwan le !! Lolx... and I slept till now !! lolx.. so luckily I managed to wake up and blog on the last day of 2009 !! lolx.. What a great year !! A year filled with so much fun !! First time travelled Oversea with parents, and it was very WILD !!

A trip to taiwan, makes 2010 a great great year !! It makes me start a year with so much frenz, fun, enjoyment, wealth and love !! hahaz.. My uncle is 超 love my sister de lor.. He sponsored her to CHINA... all expenses he paid de lor !! Though abit jealous, hehez... But comeon, My sis will sure play tilll WOW de lor... Got brother, got sister !! Hope when she comes back, she be like me !! sosososo HAPPY !!

COME on, I just managed to finaaly can upload to facebook le !! so while uploading !! let U all see some EPIC pictures !! hahaz..


We are at "九族文化村" !!
Playing the spinning top !!
My wish did came TRUE when I
Hit it into the stone bowl !!!
ANDY LIM, the real NSF !!
He can do push-up de lor....
He is trying it on the
HIGHEST building.....
YES... He done 10 of it on
TAIPEI 101 !!!
Though due to strong gravity,
he still manage to push himself up !!!

One of my fav sport in taiwan !!!
We cycle everywhere lor....
From tai chung, gao xiong...
Is just cycle up and down, here and there...
Then they is like soso FIT de lor...
But I so proud of myself...
Yet so FIT !!

FOOD is the best thing in TAIWAN !!
Everywhere we go, EVERYthing we EAT !!
so we are damn full de !!
The seafood there is like sososososo
we had abalones !!

Our hotel ROOM !!!

4 ppl in one room !!
This is how we sleep everynight !!
Just nice to fit everyone !!
Guess the Hotels
HATE us alot !!!
Boo Boo Hoo !!

" What is this ?? "

Army never teach him to use such

a weapon, I guess ?????





do it like this...








Guess he have to
his own food everyday !!

Like I dare to sit on one
in ESCAPe Theme park....
BUt i TAIWAN !!!
Who cares ???
MErry-GO-round !!!

AIR Asis ROCKx....
To the MAX ....
U still get to carry an umbrella
when it rains ......
The plane parked so far from
the terminal la........
So WE WALK in the RAIN !!!

The 4 of us , hey guys.. This was just a very wonderful Holiday !! Thankz you , BROTHERs ... It was just pure fun !! We time we walk around aimlessly, eating all kinds of food, playing pool and of coz.. looking at TAI MEIs... I was just WOW... I really love this trip lotss.. It tells me what I need and who I missed the most !! lolx.. so a Big BiG thankzx.... We must go again !!

Andy: Thankz for bringing me around !! We can ask stuffs together and directions, so we can play till so sososo WILD and fun !!

Victor: hahaz.. we cycled till mad la.. U are just so fit la !! eee.. the night we spent tgt drinking.. hahaz.. U like always kena force to drink the most de la !! XIN KU you le !!

Hongyao: This guy ar.. no need say la .. as usual... like to watch porn in hotel room only !! hahaz.. Hy stands for HORNY YAO !! hahaz.. but it was great la !! let's do things more next time ar .. loves U lots lots... BROTHER !!

BYE Bye 2009,

I gonna LOVE 2o10 with all my heart !!

But I will never forget 2009 !!!

*HAPPy till MAX*

♥ Angel vs Devil
6:07 PM

♥ Thursday, December 17, 2009

The DAYsss....

It's been a week !!! A week since WEN HUA CHUAN 09 !! Whee.. It was the BEST and most FUN camp ever on sea !! Being there to play with them, stay with them and GOSSIP with them just feels great !! The friendship between us strenghten alot more !! We know each other even more.. ( like dian jun can GLOW in the dark ?? ) ahahahahaz... OMG.. Will the 8 of us work together again like this ???? Its was sosososo GREAT !!!

Not forgetting my own group SCORPIO !! hahaz.. Those fun and cheerful members really makes my day !! Though the impression I gave them is eat, EaT and EAT !! But, I will be better in the future !! lols.. SCORPIO Rockz to the max !! Thankz for sharing the lovely gossips with me and teaching me tips to jio girls !! hahaz.. I'm so inexperience !! Tsk tsk !!

WHEE !!!

3 cheers for WEN HUA CHUAN

3 cheers for GONG WEIs

3 cheers for SCORPIO

Hip hip HuRRAY !!

♥ Angel vs Devil
10:14 PM

♥ Monday, December 14, 2009

When it comes to HEART,
Maturity doesn't really matters !!
What matters is....
The amount of HAPPINESS !!
Follow Ur HEART !!
All the best for your decision made !!
I want blog about wen hua chuan !!!

♥ Angel vs Devil
10:27 PM

♥ Friday, December 4, 2009

KISSes !!!

Just because of the kisses, Lolx.. I had a fun night !! A big gigantic Hersey Chocolate right in front of me yet, I am unable to taste it !! ARRR.... I WANT GIANT KISSES !!! lolx.. Thankz to Kency for sharing ur photo with me !! hahaz.. so guess I let your MOOmoo up on my blog !! hahaz... OMG>>> this pic is so distracting.. It distract me from what I wanted to write !! hahaz.. Let me pai the owner's horse Butt !! 拍马屁 !! So maybe I get a share of it ??

Hmm... since Ur house no electricity, so I guess you won't get to see this post soon !! hahaz.. These few days, thankz for your accompany !!! THANK YOU !! Actually wanted to cheer up u, in the end, it's you make my day !!

( It would be best if the TOTO we bought actually WON !! Never heard from hongyao... maybe HE WON ?? ) So guess this can describe my feelings these few days !!



才甘愿 !!

So I'm very thankful leh !!! U too must get over the past !! Laugh to the max everyday !! Be as sweet and cheerful as the BIG, RED hersey !!!

谢谢了 !! I want GIANT kisses !!! lolx..

♥ Angel vs Devil
3:12 AM

♥ Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm dead tired !!


真的好 !!


Haiz... nth much to say. My mood now is down to the valley !! But what to do ??

Haiz... I am so fucking TIRED !!

Let me sleep...


♥ Angel vs Devil
10:47 PM

♥ Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 . 11 . 2009

Whee.. On this very special day, how can not blog ?? hahaz.. 10 days after I lasted blogged !! ( That's way too long !! ) Waa.. So many stuffs to write. Let's see what shall I write about on this very special day. ( although I should be sleeping liao, coz tml still got school !! ) Nov 11 is the 315th day of the year, 50 days more to another new year !!

Hmm.. What happen to me on this very special day ?? I woke up with my mum shouting at my dad. Haiz.. as usual, the part & parcel of a couple. Hahaz.. then a COLD war broke out in my house. When there is a war, there will surely be innocent party being hurt hor ?? and THAT's ME !!! I had no school unlike my sis who can still eat in NTU canteen B !! Haiz.. Poor me ar.. I woke up with no breakfast prepared for me... waited till 1pm... to find my mum on a strike !! ( GRR..... ) Thus, I waited again..... all the way till 8pm... STILL NO FOOD !!! GOSH...

WHO says HUNGRY man is an ANGRY man ?? My parents ANGRY till go to war liao, yet still not HUNGRY de ??

SO I guess, one thing I learnt today:

A HUNGRY man is an ANGRY man,

An ANGRY man IS not a HUNGRY man !!

So I guess I have to be angry in order to go on a diet ?? ROARzzzz....

So at 8.30 pm, I decided to go to the PASAR MALAM to get my food !! Kaoz.. I got so many food, then end up eating ALONE !!! If I realised the theory above earlier, then I won't spent so much money liao !! -.-"

I shall blog about the rainy day fund next time, coz.. duno y... I be thinking of this the whole night !! Although I want to ask you about ur decision, but I dun tink I should be that KPO afterall !! ARGHx.. But why tell me in the first place ?? I do want to noe the outcome although it's none of my business ?? lolx.. Should I call this 八卦 ?Maybe I'm just concern la.. Where got guys so bitchy de ?? Lolx...

OH YA, after reading this, are U confused ?? Lolz.. I guess so ba.. A little girl told me a story last week. She said a little boy is wooing her for a long, long, long time. The little boy told her to wait for him to propose on 11 .11. 2009 !!

Waa.. wad a romantic date to do so sia ! If miss this date, jiu must wait till 12 .12. 2009 !! Lolx.. That day I'll be on STAR cruise sia.. waa.. even more romantic ar ?? hahaz.. then I better go find a mermaid while on that cruise sia !! LOLX..

Back to the story, as today is 11 .11 .2009, I was wondering will she accept or reject ?? This is sososo exciting !! I like T.V serials... but I even LOVE real life serials !! lolx.. wad shall be the outcome ???

Will she be an angel ?? or Will she be a devil ?? or Will she be a evil angel ?? or Will she be a kind devil ??

♥ Angel vs Devil
12:33 AM